The high precision allrounder



  • Axis Pos. Range: x/y and z axes
  • 10,2" touch display for parameter settings
  • Load capacity of up to 1,000 kg
  • Variable beam expansion
  • Crane loading possible
  • Compatible with CAD / CAM software solution APP SUITE
  • Compatible with the powder feeder and powder nozzle

The Class 1 laser for industrial and highly frequented production environments

The EVO CUBE is a highly flexible workstation that combines state-of-the-art laser technology and multiple high-quality laser processes in a single laser class 1 system. Thus the system can be integrated with Diodeline and CW laser sources and various processing heads.

The flexibility of the system offers a multitude of application possibilities, which comes from the ability to utilize it as a welding system or for automated Direct Metal Deposition tasks. This is where the innovation behind the CUBE reveals its full potential for applications of laser cladding that require cost-effective and high-quality laser processing of small to medium-sized components.

The system incorporates a granite table, which offers excellent stability and can also withstand high loads. Moreover, the axis speed of this precise and high-quality system is 0.5-15 mm/s. Together, these features ensure that the EVO CUBE can meet the greatest challenges and most demanding tasks with maximum precision reliable results at a very east-effective invest.

Intuitive operation via touchscreen

The operation of the EVO CUBE can be done over a 10,2" touchscreen display which has access to all parameters and saved data. All important functions are accessible with just a few clicks. Additionally preset data can be saved anytime and will always be retrievable for further operations.

Optional: Operating via APP SUITE

ORLAS SuiteThe APP SUITE from Coherent |OR Laser is an unprecedented new CAD/CAM environment for planning nearly all facets of laser processing: marking, engraving, cutting, welding, cladding, and powder-based additive manufacturing processes.

This is the first and only comprehensive software for industrial laser applications that is actually able to read and process all proprietary file formats and control all existing laser systems.

The APP SUITE is excellently suited for supporting and planning processing strategies. The software supports the most popular 3D CAD file formats including STEP and IGES.

Typ: 300 WTyp: 450 WTyp: 600 WTyp: 900 W
最大平均功率300 W450 W600 W900 W
Pulse peak power3 kW4,5 kW6 kW9 kW
Max. pulse energy30 J45 J60 J90 J
脉冲持续时间0,5 – 50 ms0,5 – 50 ms0,5 – 50 ms0,5 – 50 ms
脉冲频率 0,5 – 10o Hz1 – 100 Hz1 – 100 Hz1 – 100 Hz
焦点直径0,05 – 2,0 mm0,2 – 2,0 mm0,2 – 2,0 mm0,2 – 2,0 mm
线路电压 (V/Ph/Hz)230 V 1Ph 50 Hz400/3/50230 V 1Ph 50 Hz230 V 1Ph 50 Hz
重量,激光头890 Kg890 kg890 kg890 kg
Traverse range of the x/y-axes470 mm / 350 mm470 mm / 350 mm470 mm / 350 mm470 mm / 350 mm
Lift of the z-axis370 mm370 mm370 mm370 mm
Size of the worktable (wxl)600 x 600 mm600 x 600 mm600 x 600 mm600 x 600 mm
重量,支持单元1.000 kg1,000 kg1,000 kg1,000 kg
System dimensions (w/l/h)1600 x 1200 x 1800 mm1160 x 1200 x 1800 mm1160 x 1200 x 1800 mm1160 x 1200 x 1800 mm

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