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Optimum results without discoloration, welds or crawler

Laser welding has become an increasingly cost-effective means of repair and manufacture. Its versatility is almost limitless and provides enormous advantages in several industries. The technology gives the user exact control and is an excellent means of repairing jewelry.

Laser welding bonds the metal to itself as a single alloy and replaces the conventional methods of soldering, welding, and melting. By streamlining the process, jewelry laser welding helps make jewelry manufacturing more precise and faster.

The precision laser makes working around heat-sensitive jewels and elements or complex geometries easy, and there is no need for time-consuming preparations or post-processing.

Dental applications for lasers
Highest quality for dental laboratories

The narrowness of the laser beam prevents discoloration of the surrounding metals and makes the work appear seamless. Laser welding jewelry allows professional jewelers and hobbyists alike to create intricate, custom pieces made of a single alloy that will last.

For dental technicians, laser welding opens up completely new design opportunities and a more efficient means of production. Welding with pinpoint accuracy makes the production and repair of dental prostheses easier, saving both time and cost. The accuracy of laser welding allows for precision repairs of clasps and implants, and it can be used safely next to acrylics and other polymers that can be damaged by traditional repair methods.

Laser welding jewelry and dental prostheses has never been easier with OR Laser’s line of precision welders, making us the best choice when you are looking for a jewelry laser welder for sale. OR Laser systems allow for accurate spot and area welding in a decimillimeter span with little mechanical or thermic strain on sensitive parts. They deliver optimal results without discoloration, spots, or beads. Finally, physical or optical quality defects or extensive post-processing are things of the past!

Application Video for Laser Welding in Dental and Jewelry Applications


Since 1997, OR Laser has created innovative laser solutions used around the world. We provide the best laser welding equipment for sale to our customers.

Our lasers are a cost-effective solution for any welding needs: Whether you need to find a jewelry laser welder for sale or need laser technology for other uses, we have equipment suitable for all industrial and professional purposes.

Browse our website to find the machine that is right for your business, or contact us to receive information customized for your specific needs.

Laser systems recommended for the dental and jewelry industry

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