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    Laser Cutting & Engraving Signs

    At OR Laser, we know how useful lasers can be in creating signs that contribute to the professional reputation of a company or organization. Whether you need an engraved sign directing visitors to the various departments in a hospital or a sign cut to match the logo of a popular restaurant, we sell equipment that can handle the job. Our systems use the latest technology to create laser-cut and -engraved signs for any purpose. Consider just a few of the ways our laser cutting and engraving systems benefit companies in a variety of industries.

    The Process of Making Laser-Cut Signs

    One of the most important steps in creating a laser-cut sign is to make sure that the dimensions are correct before the cutting begins. Of course, the size of a sign depends on the preferences of the customer. Our laser cutting equipment is capable of making precise, skillful cuts, resulting in a customized, professional sign. We offer systems that handle particular types of cutting work. For instance, we have technology that provides oxygen-assisted cutting ideal for signs made of thick steel. Alternatively, sublimation cutting is suitable for signs made of more delicate material. Customers who want to buy a reliable piece of equipment that produces engraved or laser-cut signs can find exactly what they need in our inventory.

    The Process of Making Laser-Engraved Signs

    Customers who want to make laser-engraved signs need to double-check the accuracy of a pattern before starting the engraving process. Our engraving technology picks up the subtle details of a design as well as its larger letters and images. Furthermore, our laser engraving systems begin and end their work without touching the sign! This lack of contact can extend the life of the various parts in our engraving systems. Each piece of equipment we have for sale produces precise engraving work on signs made of wood, metal, ceramic, and other types of material.

    Why Our Products Are the Best for Creating Laser-Cut or Laser-Engraved Signs

    There are a variety of reasons why many customers turn to us for laser cutting and engraving systems. For one, our customers understand that when they purchase a system from us, they're getting equipment that makes it simple to cut and/or engrave a sign. In a relatively short amount of time, our customers can create signs that add an air of elegance to their business. Our customers also appreciate the accuracy delivered by our cutting and engraving systems. They can avoid the distracting mistakes that are sometimes included in signs made via traditional methods. Our laser engraving and cutting systems are expert tools for creating signs for the industrial and manufacturing fields. Our signs can also be used in the health, travel, and hospitality industries along with many others. Our systems produce well-crafted, attractive signs wherever they are needed.

    We have the technology that can provide your business with first-rate laser-cut and laser-engraved signs every time.

    Contact our team at OR Laser today and let us help you choose the piece of equipment that fits the needs of your organization.

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