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    Laser Photo Engraving

    The process of laser-engraving photos involves using a special photo-engraving machine to etch the image into another material. It is possible to transform a simple digital image into a lasting memento by engraving it into marble, wood, metal, acrylic, or plastic. Anyone who wants to take their laser-engraving skills and move up into a whole new world can learn the art of laser photo engraving. OR Laser has the expertise and technology necessary to assist clients with this endeavor.

    Learning about the process of laser photo engraving takes time. Most people who begin dabbling in this process need to practice to hone their skills. It's important to realize that not every photograph will lend itself ideally to the process of photo laser-engraving. An image with an extensive range of light and dark shades is the best candidate for this process. Avoid pictures that feature mainly one color or shade because the finished effect won't be optimal after engraving. It's also important to choose the resolution of the image carefully. For best results, choose 300 DPI for the resolution. Large, color images in 300 DPI will generally produce the highest-quality results.

    Contrast is a major consideration when choosing the transfer material for a laser-engraved photo. Two popular materials include granite and black marble. The dark hues of both of these materials ensure vivid contrast without the need for extensive color filling. After engraving, the finished product will appear gray or white on the dark background. When choosing a material, consider where the finished product will be located. If it will be outdoors in a place where it will be subjected to moisture and temperature fluctuations, choose granite. Granite is much harder than marble, so it will withstand the elements better.

    OR Laser offers equipment that enables the creation and production of laser-engraved photos on virtually any type of material, including metal, plastic, ceramics, wood, and textiles. What's more, surfaces need not be perfectly flat to create a high-quality finished product. It's even possible to engrave photos on three-dimensional and circular surfaces. The industrial equipment offered for sale by OR Laser gives professional results, suitable for many different manufacturing systems or even personal purposes. Software is available that will help you prepare an image for photo laser-engraving. After selecting the image, the software will help you set the correct grayscale levels, contrast, and filters. The software will also help with calculating the necessary laser speed for the process. Explore other options such as resizing, cropping, mirroring, and rotating a picture before you begin engraving your creation.

    With our extensive knowledge and experience, OR Laser is prepared to help customers explore the process of laser-engraving photos onto any material to allow you to find the best system to buy. We have been in business since 1997, assisting customers with services and products in many different areas of laser technology. We promise efficient and professional results for a variety of different laser projects.

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