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    Mirror Engraving

    Mirror engraving is a creative practice that has been popular since ancient times. Though engraving processes used then were often time-consuming and done by hand, today's laser technology and manufacturing systems allow instant access to high-quality custom etching. The precision that industrial equipment provides is unparalleled and results in professional-quality results each and every time the process is employed. With laser machines and systems from OR Laser, your custom-engraved mirrors are sure to be a cut above the rest!

    Since the invention of lasers, the public has been tantalized by the possibilities of their professional and creative applications. Though lasers have created the foundation for many advances in the medical, industrial, and scientific communities, consumers have found personal use for high-quality and precise mirror engraving. Even today, the engraving of mirrors is so popular that certain businesses specialize in that singular service. Our laser systems for sale are extremely durable and capable of producing professional-grade engravings for high-tech industries as well as the average consumer or small-business owner.

    Why Laser-Engrave a Mirror?

    Convincing the general public to purchase engraved mirrors is as simple as appealing to their preferences, creativity, and goals. Customizing mirrors is often done to help differentiate the items from those that are mass-produced. The reasons for this can often be very personal. If you are a business owner who seeks to sell custom-engraved mirrors to average consumers, consider the following tips to help provide your customers with the perfect items to buy.

    Should potential customers express interest in purchasing a mirror that has been custom-made and is intended to be passed down through generations as an heirloom, suggest having dates engraved on it. Engraving dates can be a great way to add a little history to the item, and the simple addition of a month, day, and year can inform future owners precisely when the mirror was purchased and how long it has been part of a family tradition. Specific dates on engraved mirrors can also indicate the original owners without having to etch specific names on the piece.

    Ensuring Beautiful Results

    Advise your customers to carefully choose the design to be etched onto the backs of mirrors. If these designs are intended to be seen through the front, it can be important to consider whether the image should be flipped before initiating permanent mirror engraving. Flipped designs that are placed on the back of a mirror can give the effect of looking at an image in the standard fashion when gazed at from the front. For example, a flower leaning to the right that is engraved on the back of a mirror will look like it is leaning to the left when looking into the mirror.

    Some customers may want to splash their engraved mirrors with a bit of color to make them pop. Adding color to custom-engraved mirrors can lend a unique vibrancy to a mirror that is rarely seen but always appreciated. When colors are added, many consumers choose very light or dark colors, like white or black, though brighter hues can also be selected. Inform your customers that professional-grade laser machines can often employ techniques that create a frosted look to the product without having to use separate dyes or stains.

    The versatility of machines from OR Laser can guarantee that your customers will leave with the mirror that they've always envisioned. We specialize in the most advanced laser technology to make your etching, engraving, and cutting jobs simple and accurate.

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