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    Laser Cutting Acrylic

    Sheets of polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA (also known as acrylic or Plexiglas) have been used to replace less-durable materials like glass in many different ways. It's a favorite material used in everything from outdoor signage to motorcycle windscreens to desk decorations to medical devices, and it can be cut and crafted into almost any shape with an acrylic laser-cutting machine). It's a very durable and weather-resistant product that won't shatter on impact and a favorite substance of several industries, including the automotive and plastics industries.

    While the common practice of machine-cutting this material with saws, drills, and other devices is fine for some companies with a small amount of need, precision laser-cutting acrylic allows for rounder edges, smoother surfaces, and the ability to create more nuanced designs. Laser-cut acrylic often has a sleeker look, resulting in better-quality products with very few chips and scratches that consumers love to buy.

    Lasers can cut through some pretty powerful stuff, even materials as hard as steel, plastic, and acrylic sheets. Laser-cutting is one of the many applications for laser technology; one could also use lasers to engrave or etch into these surfaces as well. If one is hoping to create intricate, smooth pieces out of a durable material with a simple process, an acrylic-cutting machine that uses laser technology is the best bet. Rather than cutting or sawing off pieces, these systems heat the material so much that it actually evaporates using a high-powered beam of light. As a result, laser-cut acrylic can be more detailed because the process doesn't involve angles, knives, or drilling. Many industrial and manufacturing companies choose this technology because of the ability to create better products with near-perfect edges.

    The normally elaborate process of sawing acrylic sheets can also be made safer with an acrylic laser-cutter. When saws cut through this thick material, they can often overheat, requiring a coolant. They also can send acrylic chips and particles in the air, which are an irritant when inhaled. Lasers actually vaporize the material, reducing the chips and spare particles often thrown by other devices. Also, lasers don't need to touch the material, meaning that there will be less wear and tear over time (especially when compared to using saws).

    Using a safer and better acrylic laser-cutter means that one can get detailed when creating fun custom projects, whether that includes acrylic lettering for signage, equipment molds, or office products. With this type of equipment, we've seen everything be made from jewelry to ornaments to amazing wall art. With a design team and the right acrylic-cutter machine, you'll be able to solve problems and produce beautiful items. Make sure the acrylic pieces your company has for sale have perfect and smooth edges, all while making your workplace a little safer.

    Who knows what you could create when you combine the flexibility of laser technology with the impact-resistant versatility of acrylic materials? The possibilities are practically endless. Let your designers have a field day and create something that you know your customers will purchase and enjoy.

    Feel free to contact us to learn about professional acrylic-cutting and which machines may be best for your business.

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