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    Laser Cutting Cardstock

    Laser cutting enables you to cut through many layers of thick material, like cardstock, quickly and effectively. Once the cuts have been made, they are clean and do not require any finishing whatsoever. Using a laser to cut cardstock allows you to cut with pinpoint accuracy. Little to no work needs to be done on your part: Simply set up the laser and it does all of the work without any contact or force.

    The history of laser cutting

    In 1965, the Western Electric Engineering Research Center produced the first laser cutting machine, which was used to drill holes in diamond dies. Prior to that, heavy stamps or chiseling methods were used to create cuts. These cuts were not entirely accurate and required sanding and finishing in order to produce an accurate shape. Since then, thousands of laser-assisted cutting machines have been developed and used in personal and commercial applications.

    What is laser-cut cardstock typically used for?

    Laser-cut cardstock is popular in commercial and personal settings. Cardstock can be used in a number of applications, including stationery, prototype construction, model-making, and even scrapbooking. Most often, cardstock is used to create business cards or formal invitations. The accuracy of laser-cutting allows for a professional, finished look to be created on the final product.

    What are the benefits of a laser cutting machine from OR Laser?

    Laser-cut cardstock contains clean, precise cuts. All of the laser cutting equipment that we offer at OR Laser is cost-effective for you, whether your goal is to cut cardstock for invitations or cut out elaborate designs in multiple sheets. All of the systems that we have for sale comply with government regulations and are safe to use in personal and industrial settings. We guarantee customer satisfaction when you purchase a laser cardstock cutter from OR Laser.

    Won’t a laser burn cardstock or cause it to catch fire?

    When a laser cutter is used on cardstock, sublimation occurs. Due to the chemical composition of cardstock, the paper evaporates almost immediately when the laser is used. The paper is quickly turned into a gas, which helps move any excess heat away from the paper to avoid starting a fire or leaving any kind of mark behind. Laser cutting technology is a scientific feat that has been perfected over the years, leaving you with the ability to create clean, precise lines without worrying about destroying the cardstock.

    At OR Laser, we offer a wide variety of precision laser cutters. If you’re looking for something safe and compact to use on small projects, OR Laser has the machine for you. If you are a corporation looking for a large, enclosed system that can handle large or heavy manufacturing projects, we have a laser cutter that is right for the job. Contact the professionals at OR Laser today to find out more about our laser cutting machinery and how it can work for you.

    Trust OR Laser for all of your laser cutting needs. We have decades of experience in the laser cutting industry and have helped thousands of customers find a custom laser cutting machine that is right for their needs.

    Contact us today to find out more about the laser cardstock cutter options that we offer.

    Laser systems recommended for laser cutting

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