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    Laser Cutting Glass

    Technologies evolve over the years, and things that were once thought of as somewhat impossible are now definitely possible with some changes in our knowledge. A laser glass-cutter combines laser technology with surface cooling to cause a clean, perfect fracture. These systems have been used to create flawless glass projects and reduce manufacturing times, often with beautiful results.

    How Do Lasers Work?

    Lasers are highly concentrated beams of light particles that heat the surface of something to an incredibly high temperature, often either vaporizing or melting the substance away. Lasers have several characteristics that are unique to one another; there are several types of lasers.

    What Is Glass Really Made of?

    Glass is simply a substance made of super-heated sand and particles. It forms a dense material that is brittle and delicate, as well as smooth and hard, which scientists call an amorphous solid. The resulting product is one that reflects and absorbs light uniquely.

    Is it Possible for a Laser to Cut Glass?

    Not only is it possible, but it's also an effective technique for industrial and manufacturing companies in several fields. The lasers used in laser glass-cutter systems are high-powered CO2 lasers on an infrared wavelength. This is because lasers are effectively beams of light, and because glass absorbs and reflects light differently, more powerful lasers are needed to cut glass. Usually, lasers are used in conjunction with a surface cooling system, which can cause the glass to fracture along a very precise line. Many laser types can etch glass or mark it to create interesting designs; however, to completely cut larger and thicker sheets of glass, a more powerful laser is needed.

    What Are the Advantages of Laser-Cutting Glass?

    With high-powered precision laser-cutting, glass can be separated without the normal micro-fractures that happen with mechanical or classical cutting processes. Chips and dust are less of an issue. Also, these tiny cracks are huge imperfections in certain industries, like nanotechnology. Besides the ability to create one of the most perfect edges in the history of cutting glass, one can also have a higher amount of flexibility; one can cut whatever shapes they need with a computer-directed system. Lastly, the processing of vast glass sheets requires little contact or movement from staff or technicians. This can reduce the likelihood of breakage due to human error.

    What Could One Create With This Technology?

    One could create anything from curved windows to glass art with a laser glass-cutter. Especially when used in combination with laser-etching equipment, these systems can result in absolutely beautiful customized creations that customers love to buy. Those items could include sculpted corporate awards, professional design pieces, glass lettering and signage, ornaments and décor, or industrial pieces used in equipment or factories. You can customize and create the items you'd like to see for sale from your company or find new in-house solutions for your institution.

    Laser-cutting glass is a fascinating process, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and creating amazing works.

    If you'd like to learn more about lasers, including how to purchase a system that's right for your company, feel free to contact us today.

    Für das Laserschneiden empfohlene Lasersysteme

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