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    Laser Cutting Plastic

    Durable laser machines offer efficient and safe ways to weld, mark, and cut plastic. By directing heat with pinpoint accuracy, manufacturers, artists, and designers can create amazing things out of laser-cut plastic. Because of these machines' ability to work with everything from polycarbonates to polyester to polypropylene, and because of their ability to create clean, scorch-free edges, laser-cutting plastic has been the favored technique in manufacturing communities for years.

    Plastics have many uses in both the industrial and consumer-oriented worlds. Over the past century, plastics have become pervasive, touching almost every aspect of our lives. A consumer can't go far without at least touching a piece of plastic, whether that be a water bottle, a car door handle, a CD or DVD, or the keys of their keyboard. With so many types of plastics and so many possible creations made from the material, plastic truly is one of the most durable and useful materials used today. While the plastics industry continues to change and innovate, creating newer and more exciting products for consumers to buy, they continue to use some of the best technologies to work with this new material. That includes plastic laser-cutter technology.

    So how does plastic laser-cutting work? Plastic, which at its core is a synthetic or semi-synthetic material, is heated to a high temperature by a high-powered beam of light particles (the laser). Because the type of plastic varies, the wavelength needed for the laser will vary as well. Silicone will have different needs than acrylic, for example. This heating process scores and quickly flame-seals the edges, resulting in few to no chips, residues, or imperfections. The designs are fed to the machine by a computer, meaning that complex designs can be completed without much user involvement. Watching lasers cut plastic is mesmerizing, as the machine-instructed laser can complete very intricate projects at incredible speeds!

    Plastics can be molded into almost any shape, and with a plastic-cutting machine, one can continue to change and customize already-hardened materials into interesting final products. Many manufacturing companies prefer laser-cutting plastic for several key reasons. Unlike with mechanical cutting, there is no material resistance, so the product and the equipment involved are less subjected to typical wear and tear. Also, one can create more intricate shapes and designs, especially with harder plastics like acrylic. It tends to be a bit faster than other processes, especially when the process involves intricate design work. Lastly, this process can include more efficient customization, allowing for on-the-spot changes and personalization.

    Laser-cut plastic is a favorite material for professional signage shops, creative designers, toy creators, and those working within the competitive plastics industry. Because of the sheer flexibility and durability of this process, one could create almost anything with these systems. Laser-cutting plastic can allow one to create anything from automotive parts to plumbing to customized outdoor signage to custom and unique orders for major clients.

    With these systems, one can create the custom orders and projects customers love to purchase. Contact us!

    Contact us to learn about how laser-cutting your plastic materials can change and improve your production and which products we have for sale that would be best for your plastic product creation processes.

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