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Laser Cutting Polycarbonate

Cutting polycarbonate is no easy feat: This durable material can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure and takes more than a sharp blade to cut through. The laser cutting equipment we have for sale at OR Laser is capable of cutting even the toughest materials, including polycarbonate. OR Laser has provided exceptional machines capable of laser-cutting polycarbonate to industries around the world. We have been in the laser industry for decades, and we understand the need for laser-cut polycarbonate.

What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a plastic that is extremely durable. This material is almost unbreakable and lightweight. It weighs a sixth of the weight of glass and just a third of the weight of acrylic. While polycarbonate has a number of benefits, it is also extremely expensive. Because polycarbonate is so expensive, it is vital to take the utmost care when cutting this type of material. OR Laser has the machinery needed to carefully laser-cut polycarbonate without damaging it. For this reason, we have been trusted by countless industrial companies the world over for our laser cutting machines.

When was polycarbonate discovered?

A German man, Dr. Hermann Schnell, and an American man, Dr. Daniel Fox, discovered polycarbonate in 1953. Initially, the substance was only used to create electrical components and accessories for commercial industries. In later years, the outstanding benefits of this tough, durable material were discovered, including its inability to shatter, transparency, and thermostability, or resistance to heat. Since its discovery, polycarbonate has been used to create objects we know and utilize every day.

What is polycarbonate used for?

Polycarbonate has been used to create a wide variety of items. From bulletproof vests to CDs, you have probably come across polycarbonate more often than you might have thought. Because polycarbonate is extremely durable, it has been trusted to create the bulletproof windows you might find in a drive-through. Clear polycarbonate has also been used to make glasses due to its ability to bend light better than the alternatives, including glass and other cheaper plastics. Most commonly, polycarbonate materials are used in the electronics industry to create the heavy, hard casings that are used to make laptops, desktop computers, and other computer components. Today, you can find polycarbonate materials all over the world in everyday objects. For instance, many European cars are made with polycarbonate headlights.

Purchase the right machine for laser-cutting polycarbonate

We will help you find the perfect laser cutting machine based on the quantity, quality, and size of the polycarbonate you wish to cut. Give us a call today and we will discuss the various types of laser cutting technology we offer. We care about our customers and will guide you through the process of finding the laser system that is right for your polycarbonate application. You can also place your order with us online. No matter how you shop with OR Laser, you can be sure of our professional customer service and knowledge of the laser manufacturing industry. Buy a custom laser cutting machine from OR Laser today and see the difference!

Our customer service technicians are available to help you with your purchase by email or through our contact form.

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