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    Laser Cutting Vinyl

    Numerous business applications require laser-cut vinyl during the manufacturing process. Using a laser to cut vinyl materials provides unsurpassed precision and accuracy in the finished product. If your business uses vinyl graphics, adding a vinyl laser cutter to your equipment arsenal may be the acquisition that puts your business over the top. OR Laser offers industrial equipment to laser-cut vinyl for virtually any application.

    A laser beam is a special light beam with characteristics that make it able to move across distances while remaining tightly focused. A laser might be many different sizes, from the tiniest beam in a CD player to the biggest beam that requires large buildings to house it. Laser technology offers innovations and capabilities in many different industries. The medical industry utilizes lasers for many surgical procedures due to their high precision. Within the scientific community, scientists now use lasers because of their significant power and precision.

    Getting consumers’ attention is a paramount concern for many companies. Vinyl graphics are the ideal medium for a variety of business needs. Companies can create innovative advertising, signs, logos, window graphics, garment graphics, and even prototypes. One advantage of vinyl graphics is their cost-effectiveness. Vinyl graphics are also an ideal way to add a high-quality, customized touch to business displays. Consider the ways you could use this medium: Many businesses add vinyl graphics to window displays or to company vehicles. A company logo on every vehicle would help spread the word about your business. Vinyl graphics adhere to virtually all types of smooth surfaces, including glass, finished metals, automotive paint, electronic devices, and painted drywall.

    In the garment industry, many businesses are turning to laser-cutting appliqués for T-shirt design. By laser-cutting the appliqués, companies can create precise and simple heat transfers. A laser slices through the vinyl effortlessly, creating a precision appliqué for transfer. After laser-cutting vinyl, the next step simply involves applying it to the T-shirt fabric. It’s even possible to create appliqués that contain multiple colors by mixing vinyl colors and adding them all to the finished design.

    OR Laser’s customer service staff has the professional expertise necessary to assist companies with their search for the perfect vinyl laser cutter system. Since 1997, OR Laser has been offering innovative and cutting-edge laser technology systems for sale to meet the needs of businesses in many different industries. OR Laser offers industry-focused purchase options to help a variety of different customers find exactly the laser technology they need. Whether a company is involved in large-scale manufacturing, such as in the automobile industry, or more precise work, such as jewelry design, we have a system that will fit the need. Our highly trained staff has the expertise necessary to assist clients with laser technology at any point in the process, whether you are choosing the best system to buy or learning how to apply and use the equipment after purchase.

    Contact us today by phone or by email to explore how laser-cutting vinyl will give your business the edge it needs to surpass the competition.

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