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    Laser Foam-Cutter

    Foam is a versatile product used within many different industries. Companies that utilize foam for packaging materials may need pieces of foam cut to exact specifications. Foam may also serve as inserts for luggage or padding for equipment. Whatever the purpose, foam is both useful and affordable in many professional applications. To ensure precise specifications, cutting foam is a common task. Using a laser foam-cutter ensures precision cuts every time. OR Laser delivers customized laser-cut-foam technology for a variety of different industries.

    The present-day foam market has expanded exponentially in recent years. Presently, many types of businesses use foam in a variety of ways. The automotive industry has incorporated laser cutting into its manufacturing processes due to the precision cutting capabilities for a variety of materials, including foam. The upholstery industry utilizes laser cutting for internal and external foam contours, which must be cut to conform to precision specifications. In laser cutting of seals, a foam-cutter machine is ideal because of the contactless cutting and high precision of the laser equipment. And any business that relies on packaging knows the importance of cutting foam to match precise contours of items and boxes.

    Foam comes in a variety of densities and degrees of hardness. For example, foam that contains polyurethane is soft, making it the material of choice for upholstery, automotive interiors, and sound insulation. Businesses in the graphics industry often use a harder type of polyurethane when creating presentation materials. For packaging, seals, and insulation, polyethylene foams are the material of choice due their higher density. When the highest-quality packaging material is desired, foamed polypropylene serves the purpose well. The light weight and high stability of polypropylene make it a popular choice for companies wanting the best-quality foam. Electronics and food-packing companies often rely on polystyrene foam because it won’t harm the environment or the items it contacts in packaging.

    A laser beam is the ideal tool for cutting foam. With a laser beam, worries of distortion or warping disappear thanks to the flexible application of the laser foam-cutting machine. A laser foam-cutter fitted with a filter system will not emit carbon dioxide into the air. This effectively reduces many typical dangers within these industrial applications. Laser cutting systems are both contact-free and force-free. This process ensures that any thermal stress occurs only from the laser energy involved. Generally, the laser-cut edges are clean, necessitating zero finishing work to complete the process.

    OR Laser has the expertise necessary to assist companies with the selection and purchase of the right foam-cutting machine. Our professional customer service staff has extensive knowledge about everything involved with laser cutting of foam and other materials. Since 1997, OR Laser has been successfully helping customers pursue laser technology for their manufacturing applications. We offer comprehensive sales and support assistance for a global market, ensuring that virtually any business exploring laser technology can find products for sale that will perfectly suit its needs.

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