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    Laser Wood Cutter

    With the help of the precision laser-cutting process, many different types of materials can be crafted into new shapes and sizes, from acrylic to steel. However, in the world of woodworking, being able to laser-cut wood opens up exciting opportunities that weren't available with older technologies. With it, companies can start manufacturing personalized, custom, and professional wood pieces, from toy models to ornate book covers to hanging wall art.

    Laser-cutting wood has become popular because of its novelty, of course, but also because of its versatility. It can be used to cut near-perfect lines without having to worry about sawdust and flying wood chips. It makes lettering and graphics much easier than with the mechanical alternatives. With a laser wood-cutter, a craftsman can create tighter corners, smoother curves, and intricate cut-out designs. Also, because the laser wood-cutting machine doesn't actually come into direct contact with the wood, the gradual wear and tear one comes to expect with saws and knives is no longer a concern.

    Put Away the Saw: Cut Wood with Lasers Instead

    So how does it work? Basically, a laser is a high-powered beam of concentrated light that can heat things to an incredible temperature. Rather than slowly burning the wood away, it essentially evaporates it, turning it to smoke quickly. Thus, the edges won't be harshly scorched or burned-looking, as the wood is under relatively low thermal stress. This means that the cutting can be much cleaner and safer, as it is an automated process that doesn't require working with sharp objects.

    Soft woods and hard woods are used for laser-etching, but softer woods like pine and balsam tend to be favorites for artistic laser-cutting. That's because it requires a low amount of heat to cut as well as a low amount of power, and hence, the wood can be cut faster. On the other hand, nearly all types of wood grain and wood can be cut using a laser wood-cutter, as long as the laser is calibrated correctly. The material in question should be made of homogenous material, with a consistent density and resin content.

    Products Made With Laser-Cut Wood

    Artists, woodworkers, and designers have produced some breathtakingly amazing things with this simple and effective technology. It's opened up a new world for amateur and professional model-makers everywhere, allowing them to cut out more interesting shapes and really get creative with their designs. In the world of print, people can use a wood laser-cutter to create book covers, ornate greeting cards and inserts, and more. There are thousands of possibilities, from simple, customizable products that any consumer could buy like pins, business cards, and coasters to ornate and complex hanging wall art to eco-friendly business furniture and décor.

    Using this technology in addition to laser wood-engraving equipment allows designers to create even more complex art. Often, one can purchase this type of equipment as one complete industrial system. That means that you'll be able to offer more personalization and greater flexibility to your customers. Make sure that you have the best wooden products for sale with the help of this technology!

    Laser systems recommended for laser cutting

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