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    Laser Engraving Aluminum

    The use of laser technology to etch and engrave has been perfected over the years. There was a time when laser-engraving any kind of metal was impossible, but with advances in science and the use of shorter wavelengths, laser-engraving any surface, including aluminum, is possible! Aluminum is a very durable metal that is perfect for laser engraving. Aluminum is not damaged by laser engraving or etching and is used the world over in personal and commercial applications. Laser-etching aluminum leaves a permanent mark on the surface, whether it is in the form of a picture, a company logo, or lettering.

    When did laser etching and engraving begin?

    The use of lasers dates to the 1950s, though their actual invention has been traced back to 1916, when Einstein developed his theory of light emission. Before lasers were used for practical applications, people had only ever heard of lasers being used to destroy James Bond: They were a futuristic technology that was unknown to those in the engraving and etching industry. In 1958, two gentlemen, Charles Townes and Arthur Schalow, theorized about a laser beam that would be visible to the naked eye. After spending nearly four years developing the “maser,” which used microwaves, the duo published a paper proposing the use of the laser worldwide, changing the face of science and opening doors to a multi-billion-dollar industry. Since then, lasers have been developed and used for all kinds of applications.

    How is aluminum-engraving used?

    Aluminum-engraving is common in commercial industries to label and code products. The electronics industry is widely known for laser-etching aluminum parts of devices and objects. This includes cell phones, tools, and even medical machinery. Laser engraving is a safe, effective way to mark aluminum surfaces without using harsh dyes or other chemicals that could damage the integrity of the product or part.

    What are the benefits of OR Laser’s aluminum-engraving technology?

    Laser-marking aluminum is an accurate and clean way of making a mark on the surface. Laser technology is so advanced that the markings produced by etching and engraving have a level of detail rivaling that of a high-resolution photograph. All of the equipment that we offer is cost-effective for your business, whether your goal is to provide professional-grade laser marking or you want to use laser engraving as part of a hobby. All of the laser engraving systems that we have for sale comply with government regulations and are safe to use on aluminum, whether you purchase a laser device for home or industrial use. We guarantee that our laser engraving machines will provide you with the ability to make clean, precise marks on any piece of aluminum.

    If you are looking for a machine that can handle laser-engraving aluminum, look no further than OR Laser. We have been manufacturing laser technology capable of etching and engraving aluminum for decades. At OR Laser, we service a number of industries that have a need for laser-etching aluminum, including the dental and automotive industries.

    Contact the experts at OR Laser today to find out more about how our customized machinery can make laser-marking aluminum simple.

    Laser systems recommended for laser Engraving

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