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    Laser Engraving Granite

    Stone is a medium that lends itself well to laser engraving. Granite is one of the more popular types of stone for custom engraving projects due to its beauty and durability. When using granite, there are many options in terms of design; however, it is important to understand which effects can be achieved successfully. In addition, it is also important to understand which engraving techniques and technology will best produce the desired results. At OR Laser, we have laser systems that are ideal for your granite-engraving needs.

    About Granite

    Granite is a type of rock that forms after molten rock has cooled. This type of rock is referred to as igneous rock. Because granite forms when the molten rock cools beneath the surface of the Earth, it’s actually called an intrusive igneous rock. It is common for granite to be light in color with some darker-colored flecks or veins; however, it is also available in colors that include red and black. The amount of light versus dark and the exact coloring in general depends on its specific composition of minerals. The lighter minerals primarily consist of feldspar and quartz, while the darker minerals make up roughly ten percent of the rock’s composition. Black, purple, red, and darker-colored granite are typically the best choices for engraving.


    Granite is often used for industrial purposes; however, it is also commonly used by consumers for a variety of reasons. As previously noted, granite is highly durable. It is a hard stone that has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Both its strength and durability combined with its natural beauty make it a smart choice for many different applications, including laser engraving. Granite lends a professional appeal when engraved for use as a sign, nameplate, or placard in an office or building. You may also find granite-engraving useful for awards or trophies or to customize a paperweight. On a personal level, granite is popularly used for headstones and other memorials. Images of loved ones or logos may be engraved on granite using laser equipment. The addition of text, such as names of people or companies, is a popular reason for engraving.

    How Does Laser Engraving Work?

    Laser-engraving granite provides permanent, clean results. It is a process in which a laser engraving machine etches the surface of the stone. It is often referred to as direct engraving, and it works by pointing the laser so that it focuses directly on the surface of the granite. The laser shallowly engraves the stone and removes surface coloring as it creates the image or text: This is the reason why black stone or another dark color is the preferred option for laser engraving. The laser is extremely precise and is able to engrave intricate and complex images or designs.

    When manufacturing items that require precision detailing, you’ll find the machines that you need for sale on our site. To determine which laser to buy, carefully review the details and specifications of our available engraving lasers. If you have any questions about our lasers or which is best for your particular granite-engraving needs, we are here to help.

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    Laser systems recommended for laser Engraving

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