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    Laser Engraving Leather

    Leather is a material that has historically been used for a variety of reasons and is still popular in current times. For that reason, it is little wonder that people should want to use leather for decorative purposes and even have it engraved. One of the best ways to do that is with equipment that is meant for laser engraving. Leather that has been engraved is ideal for gift-giving or for one’s personal use and pleasure. To provide professional laser-engraved leather items, you’ll require the most current technology on the market, which means getting the right laser system. At OR Laser, we have some of the most effective laser engraving machines for sale.

    What Leathers Are Best Suited for Laser Engraving?

    When laser-engraving leather, nearly any type or grain of leather may be used, including suede and nubuck. Leather is defined as the hide of an animal, which is most often a cow, pig, or sheep, that has undergone a tanning process. Man-made, or synthetic, leather such as Ultrasuede may also be engraved using a laser. The color of the leather is also important when using a laser. Engrave leather that is light or medium brown to ensure that the engraved image, design, or text is clearly visible. Dark leather, particularly black leather, should generally be avoided.

    Why Use Laser Engraving?

    Because of its toughness, leather can be hard on other types of engravers, causing early wear and tear on tools that come into direct contact with it. For that reason, laser-engraving and laser-cutting leather are the best options when it comes to marking, perforating, or otherwise creating a design with this material. It is the ideal option, as the laser, not a blade, does the actual engraving and will not wear down. And leather is a material that’s popular for its attractiveness, versatility, and durability. People use leather for a variety of different reasons, some practical and others fashionable. The most common uses for leather include furniture and clothing. It is also used to make book covers and accessories such as purses, belts, wallets, and more. A leather-engraving machine can be used when manufacturing customized items; for instance, you can put someone’s name on a tote, initials on a wallet, a pet’s name on a collar, or a design on a leather cover for a book or flask.

    How Does a Laser Engrave Leather?

    When the leather item is placed in the machine, a laser beam hits the leather surface and burns into the leather, causing the material to evaporate. The laser precisely burns the desired wording or design into the leather, which comes out dark in color. The darkness of the finished engraving is the reason why medium or light brown leather is most suitable, as it would be difficult to discern the design on black leather.

    When you purchase a leather laser engraving machine from OR Laser, you can trust that you’ll get excellent results. In addition, our industrial machines may also be used for laser cutting. Leather can be cut to make appliques or other fun or fashionable designs. No matter what you want to accomplish, we have a solution, and our customer service professionals are happy to help you with anything you need, from knowledge about how lasers work to guidance on which product would be best for you.

    Feel free to contact us: We’ll be happy to help you buy the perfect laser for leather engraving.

    Laser systems recommended for laser Engraving

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