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    Laser Engraving Plastic

    Manufacturing companies, industrial plants, and design firms working with plastics have turned to laser technology for engraving and marking customized plastic projects for everything from signage to car parts. With the right systems, laser-engraving plastic can be an easy and simple addition to the production process. It allows for personalization of consumer items, the engraving of logos for business clients, the coding and bar-coding of plastic parts, and custom or in-house solutions for corporate-level clients. Using lasers, professionals can start welding, cutting, and marking plastic products quickly and efficiently.

    Create Anything

    Plastic is one of the most durable and used materials of the past century, being a part of consumers' everyday lives in multiple ways. One can't go far without coming into contact with a piece of plastic, whether that be a water bottle or a plastic chair. These synthetic and semi-synthetic materials have become pervasive in today's culture, and even today, the knowledgeable designers and engineers in the plastics industry work hard to come up with new materials and solutions. Today, there are many, many types of plastics and resins, from polycarbonates to polypropylene to acrylics. Luckily, laser-etching plastic technologies can help to mark and etch almost all of them, from thin pieces to dense, hard sheets.

    Engrave Your Image

    One can mark plastic products either with super-fast laser marking, which works to simply discolor plastic surfaces by destroying color pigments in molecules, with laser foaming, which is used to create light marking on a dark plastic surface, or with actual laser etching. Plastic materials that are thicker and denser, like acrylic, will often be etched, and the process can be used to create photographic detail on a thick surface. Almost any image can be created, from a logo to a name to a code to an intricate design. Regardless of the type of plastic and the type of image you want to use, the creation process can be easy and smooth.

    Use Powerful Laser Technology

    Our plastic-engraving systems are lightning-fast and efficient, etching and marking much faster than chemical or mechanical alternatives. The point never needs to touch the material, so there can be very little wear and tear over time. Using a concentrated beam of light particles, the laser equipment targets and heats the materials, either melting or vaporizing select areas. This is one of the best and fastest ways to process your plastic materials, which is why laser-engraving plastic is so often favored in industrial and manufacturing settings.

    Produce Better Plastic Products

    With faster plastic-engraving equipment, a company can create custom orders with logos and names, list bar codes and numbers on parts, create beautiful etched artwork, or design completely unique and new products out of durable and long-lasting materials. With our equipment, companies can make anything from cataloged computer parts to professional, personalized signage to etched toys. In other words, you can create the items your customers want to buy more efficiently.

    To find a system that can discolor, foam, or etch plastic, feel free to contact us today. See what sort of products we have for sale, and purchase a system that's right for your company!

    Laser systems recommended for laser Engraving

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