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    Laser Engraving Stone

    Lasers are so amazing: They can etch into some of the hardest materials on earth, including stone. The act of laser-engraving stone opens up many different opportunities for creating beautiful products. Customers often love the ability to personalize something so durable and long-lasting. With the help of our powerful machines, letters, photographic details, and logos can be elegantly printed onto something as permanent as stone.

    How does laser stone engraving work?

    The machine is placed directly over the stone but does not touch it. The highly focused beam of light, after being calibrated correctly at a predetermined frequency, hits and melts the surface. With other materials, layers are removed and evaporated to a consistent depth. Because stone doesn't turn gaseous easily, the lasers often create microscopic fractures, a process that separates the porous material and exposes natural grains. This creates a white surface.

    The computer-directed laser works tirelessly to engrave stone. Sometimes, there can be a consistent colorization change due to the reaction of released oxides to oxygen, though it is uncommon on stone. Etching practices, in which other color changes can be achieved, are sometimes done by a practice called laser marking, which is much more common for other types of materials.

    What types of stones can be engraved?

    Granite is one of the most popular materials used for engraving, along with marble, ceramics, and slate. Stones with a smooth surface, fine grain, and uniform material are the best candidates for laser engraving. Stone etching is very popular on soft and smooth pebbles found near rivers as well, due to their smooth surface. Dark granite and white marble are crowd favorites.

    What sort of products can I create?

    Using our manufacturing equipment and products, you could create professional and elegant laser-hewn masterpieces that will last a lifetime. Some of the most popular creations include tombstones, paperweights and novelty items, decorations and outdoor signage, decorative tiles for indoor and outdoor use, and more. Whether you need to label something with bar codes and routing numbers or create a custom, one-of-a-kind item for your customers, using a laser to engrave stone is easy.

    How can I create the best effect as I engrave stone?

    The engraved surfaces will often turn white, and while one may be able to apply paint to the exposed surface, the natural surface will often last longest. Shallow engraving is the best bet, as deep engraving will often simply melt the material and make the image less visible. The best recommendation is to try to engrave a shallow, monochrome image onto your stone.

    Is there a market for engraving these materials?

    There is definitely a market for laser stone engraving. Customers often purchase stone engravings in many forms, from tiles to signage to stone photos. Stone's long-lasting and ageless qualities draw a whole new audience. You can use the technologies and industrial systems for sale here to produce a new product line that will wow your customers.

    If you have questions about which of our products for sale would be good for laser-engraving stone, feel free to contact us. We can help you decide on which system to buy now!

    Laser systems recommended for laser Engraving

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