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    Laser Engraving Wood

    The ability to change raw materials into something beautiful and elegant with lasers is a gift for many different industries. But for the world of woodworking, the possibilities of laser-engraving wood open doors to new and fascinating artistic opportunities. Now, one can design tight and intricate wood engravings without having to worry about the ability to cut and chip away the materials. With the new ability to further personalize and customize everything from bookmarks to high-end wooden furniture, woodworkers working with wood laser-engraving machine technologies can create a wide array of different new, inventive, and beautiful products.

    How a Laser Wood Engraver Works

    The complicated physics of how lasers work essentially boils down to this: A concentrated beam of light heats the material to a super-high temperature so that it actually evaporates. The result is a clean, smooth, and practically perfect cut that saws and other dangerous woodworking equipment can't imitate. The smoke that is emitted as the laser wood engraver passes over the material is actually the super-heated material. The result is a smooth, sleek look that doesn't appear scorched. What's more is that this apparatus produces no chips or sawdust, which is a huge benefit compared to any other wood-engraving machine. Because it doesn't actually come into contact with the product, there will be no wear and tear like with saws or knives, meaning that the machine will often last longer than a traditional wood-etching machine.

    Woods That Can Be Used With Laser Equipment

    Almost any type of wood can be used with laser systems, as long as the system is properly calibrated for that purpose. Some customers like to work with soft wood types such as pine and balsam that require low laser power. Others like to use denser woods such as walnut, maple, birch, and other exotic hardwoods. When you're dealing with the raw power of industrial laser-engraving technology, which is capable of etching harder materials like metals and stone, wood engraving seems like a much easier feat. However, the wood in question should more often have a smooth surface as well as a consistent density and resin content.

    New Products a Woodworker Could Create

    This technology has changed the history of professional woodworking for the better, allowing for more intricate designs, patterns, graphics, texts, and drawings to be cut and etched easily onto normally hard or difficult surfaces. The possibilities are endless, and the extreme flexibility of this process opens the doors to many different types of projects. Numerous companies have already started to use this manufacturing process to create amazing products. A talented designer with a wood-engraving machine can create anything from a book cover to a personalized cutting board to a plaque with a logo to a hanging piece of photographic wooden wall art to etched furniture. One could create a custom project for many customers in many settings, allowing for the ability to quickly earn money in many new ways. With the right tools, these items could be completed and for sale in your shop with very little fuss.

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    Laser systems recommended for laser Engraving

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