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CNC stands for "computerized numerical control," which relates to computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). What this means in simple terms is that the computer of the system guides the material or laser, rather than the user moving the laser. CNC machine technology has opened the world of laser engraving and cutting to many industries, making lasers easier to use and more accessible. The system-aided laser control of a CNC cutting machine can help manufacturers of prototypes, as well as of massed-produced goods produce quality products.

CNC Equipment from OR Laser

We offer high-quality solutions tailored for use in various sectors, from machine assembly to dental technology to jewelry manufacturing. The CNC cutting machine systems from OR Laser generally consist of three components: the control unit, the LSP laser source, and the laser processing unit. In the laser source, the desired laser beam is generated using a laser unit, a supply device, and water cooling. This beam reaches the processing unit via an optical fiber cable with a maximum length of 80 meters (263 feet). The processing unit receives the information required for execution of the programmed actions from the control unit. The actions may include welding work, but also lettering or engraving.

What You Can Do With Our Reliable CNC Engraving Machine

Many materials can be used with a CNC laser cutter. For sale, you can find several options that can serve most industrial needs, whether you're working with wood, plastics, or ceramics. For metals, the current requirements for welding depend on several factors. The laser beam must have more power with a higher light reflection of the material and with higher conductivity. The diameter of the beam and the penetration depth also influence the energy demand. In contrast to welding work, a CNC laser engraver can perform laser marking and lettering on nearly all materials.

Our CNC laser products can allow a business to do the following:

  •     Manufacture prototypes
  •     Perform series production
  •     Produce custom, high-quality products, such as jewelry
  •     Enhance products with laser marking and laser lettering

A business can continue to produce excellent and professional work as a result of the freeing capabilities of a CNC laser cutter. For sale, we have several solutions; feel free to browse them and contact us with any questions concerning our systems. With our many years of experience, we can advise you on which solution would be the best fit for your company.

Laser systems recommended for CNC control

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