Laser deep engraving - far superior to mechanical processes

Laser deep engraving is a highly specialised procedure, where “markings of a specified depth are created in a workpiece. The result is very similar to mechanical engraving.

However, the laser process has many advantages making it of interest for industrial use. You will find the right equipment for excellent results at OR Laser.

With laser deep engraving, the material is removed in layers with a laser. With this, corner radii of only a few millimeters can be created - that alone would not be possible by mechanical means.

Another advantage of the laser is the fact that even especially hard materials can be processed without wear to the respective tool.

The fields of application are diverse: For example, the bezels of sports watches often have a deep-engraved tachymeter scale, but this process is also used for metal dies and implants.

For marking and engraving work, OR Laser offers several products tailored to specific requirements. The MAG BASIS is of interest to enterprises which already own a laser system. The BASIS laser unit can be integrated without problems into existing production equipment.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Manufacture from laser prototypes to series production
  • High-quality laser solutions for example for machine assembly or creation of jewelry
  • Laser marking and laser marking work can be performed on almost all materials

The MAG BOX is best suited to processing of components with a weight of up to 10 kg. In the same way as the MAG BIX BOX, this laser unit can be used in all areas without further safety measures. However, the latter is suitable for processing of considerably heavier workpieces up to 115 kg.

Products from OR Laser - for optimal results with laser deep engraving.


Laser systems recommended for laser deep-engraving

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