Laser engraving and marking - fast and anywhere

Automated, quick, and yet extremely versatile- this characterizes laser engraving, marking, and lettering. With laser systems from OR Laser, you get the most from the options offered by this process.

An established factor in production

Lasers as tools for marking, lettering, and engraving for a long time have held an established part of the manufacture of industrial and consumer goods. Laser engraving and lettering is possible on almost any material: on metal and plastics, but also on wood, ceramics, and even textiles. The surfaces do not even have to be flat for this, as very good results can also be obtained on 3D and round surfaces.

Without much effort, markings and lettering can be created individually and can be automated. Thanks to flexible, computer-aided control, there are almost no limitations to the form and the contents. Lettering of moving parts “on the fly” is also not a problem with the laser systems from OR Laser. Thus our laser systems are far superior to mechanical processes.

A strong trio for engraving and co. - the MAG series from OR Laser

The three highly developed models of the MAG series are available for engraving and marking work. The MAG PRO can be optimally integrated into already existing production and laser installations.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Manufacture from laser prototypes to series production
  • High-quality laser solutions for example for machine manufacture or creation of jewelry
  • Laser marking and laser lettering work can be performed on nearly all materials

The MAG BOX is designed for work with workpieces of up to 10 kg, while larger objects with a weight of up to 115 kg can be engraved, marked, and lettered with the MAG BIG BOX.
The MAG models of OR Laser - optimal solutions for laser engraving


Laser systems recommended for laser engraving

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