Laser welding- the highest precision for optimal results

The welding energy required for the welding process is supplied by the laser beam generated in the laser system. The energy absorbed by the metal causes heating of the metal, while the reflected part of the energy is lost. Sometimes, the surface to be processed must be prepared by sandblasting or roughening.

The thermal conduction of an alloy also plays an important role. Thus titanium can be welded with a considerably lower laser energy than gold with its 14 times higher thermal conduction.

  • The energy required for laser welding is higher:
  • with higher conductivity of the processed material
  • with higher reflection of the processed workpiece
  • with increasing penetration depth of the laser beam
  • with increasing diameter of the laser beamTo protect the processed welding location on the workpiece from oxidation, it is flushed with highly pure argon gas during the entire welding process.

Laser welding is a modern manufacturing method offering many advantages and applicable in many sectors for diverse applications.

OR Lasertechnologie GmbH has many years of experience in the manufacturing of sophisticated laser systems, and the customers include many well-known and diverse companies. These include for example BMW and Bosch, but also the luxury item manufacturer Bulgari, as well as Siemens and General Electrics.

Basically, laser welding requires three components which must be matched perfectly in order to obtain convincing results: a control computer, a LSP laser source, and a laser processing unit.

The LSP laser source contains the laser unit together with a supply unit and water cooling. From here, the energy-rich light travels through an optical fiber cable to the processing unit, where all required information from the control unit is also processed. The optical fiber cable can have a max. length of 80 m.

The laser processing unit can be operated in two variants - with rigid optics or with scan optics.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Manufacture from laser prototypes to mass production
  • High-quality laser solutions, for example for machine assembly or creation of jewelry
  • Laser marking and laser lettering work can be performed on nearly all materials

      We will gladly advise you in detail, so that you can select the suitable system from our diverse systems. No matter which system you select, you will always make the right choice with products from OR Laser - laser welding with high-quality systems from the specialists.


      Laser systems recommended for laser welding

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