Marking laser - clearly more variable than conventional marking methods

The laser has become an indispensable marking and engraving tool in the production of consumer goods and industrial goods.

No matter whether metal, plastic, wood, or ceramics, almost any material can be marked with a marking laser. Good results can be obtained even on rounded surfaces. Moreover, lettering and marking of moving parts is possible “on the fly”.

Lasers also are used in the production of jeans to optically age a new pair of jeans by years in a few minutes. Thus the popular vintage look no longer requires sandblasting, which is unhealthy for the workers.

Laser lettering can be generated quickly, automatically, and individually. Thanks to flexible, system-aided control, there are almost no technical limitations on the form and the contents of the applied markings.

The relevant OR Laser products for lettering work are the units of the MAG series. Here you can choose between MAG BASIS, MAG BOX, and MAG BIG BOX. The BASIS model is targeted particularly at companies which already own a laser system, as it can be integrated very easily into an existing laser system.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Manufacture from laser prototypes to mass production/li>
  • High-quality laser solutions for example for machine assembly or creation of jewelry
  • Laser marking and laser lettering work can be performed on almost all materials

The BOX model is designed for lettering of smaller components up to 10 kg, while the BIG BOX can process considerably heavier workpieces with a weight up to 115 kg.

OR Laser - marking laser for clean and precise processing.


OR LASER marking systems

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