Solid-state lasers (Nd: YAG)

The solid-state laser offers the highest power yield of all laser media and technologies. The most common laser media are rods of crystals containing neodymium. The ends of such crystals are formed as two parallel surfaces and are given a highly reflective non-metallic mirror coating. The rod is surrounded by a gas discharge bulb. This results in very strong light generation for the Nd:YAG laser.

Operation of a YAG Laser

The energy of the light flashes in the YAG laser welding system brings the electrons to an excited state. The atoms now discharge light particles of uniform energy (photons). These particles are reflected repeatedly between the mirror surfaces, causing an increasing number of atoms to be hit and to emit further light particles. The number of light particles continues to increase and a standing wave is generated when the Nd:YAG laser equipment is used.

When this standing wave exceeds a certain intensity, it penetrates the partially mirrored surface and is emitted as a laser beam. This gives the Nd:YAG laser the greatest power yield of any laser system on the market. In fact, the laser is so powerful that the U.S. military is even looking into using these lasers in weaponry.

Of course, the power of these lasers can also be very useful in many non-military settings. Because of the high power generated by the laser, it is suitable for a wide variety of professional applications and customized uses. The solid-state laser is ideal for YAG laser welding of plastics and other substances that are frequently used in manufacturing, for instance.

YAG laser welding by OR Laser

Here at OR Laser, we feature a number of different solid-state laser systems, products, and accessories for sale that are designed specifically for common applications in the manufacturing industry, engraving in hard surfaces, and much more. Our products are used for YAG laser welding, but we offer a variety of other options that can be used in many other ways as well.

You can choose from our catalog that includes smaller portable lasers for individual workstations, larger systems for bigger uses, and so much more. Contact us today, and we will help you find the laser solution that’s right for you.

Nd:YAG Lasersysteme von OR LASER

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