Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Custom laser engraving is an excellent way to make your mark on a product and impress customers. Laser engraving is extremely versatile and can be used on almost any material, including wood, ceramics, organic materials, and precious metals. It allows the user precise, computer-based control and is perfect for custom engraving.

Unlike traditional engraving techniques, laser engraving requires no direct contact between the engraving tool and the work surface. Because there is no direct contact with components, the engraving equipment is spared a great deal of wear and tear. The engraving itself is made through melt displacement and evaporation.

With this illustration, you can see the process of laser engraving at work

1: Scanner 2: Objective 3: Laser beam
Work piece 5: Engraving 6: Removed material


Laser engraving

A highly focused beam delivers energy to the workpiece at a pre-determined frequency. The beam interacts with the work surface, creating a colorless recess where the material is removed. Oxides created by the melting of some base materials react with oxygen and can produce color variations. These uniform variations make the lettering appear clearly against the base material. The material is removed in layers down to the desired, constant depth.

The system is controlled via computer to follow a pre-programmed path, reducing human error and making it possible to complete large custom engraving projects with increased speed and accuracy.

Laser engraving services and systems at a professional level

Over the past decade, the need for laser engraving services in many sectors has increased. Since 1997, OR Laser has been at the forefront of laser technology. We believe in providing only the very best laser engraving services and systems to our customers.

Our lasers are cost-effective and can be used for industrial and manufacturing purposes. Whether your goal is to provide engraving services at a professional level for small workpieces, you plan on taking up engraving as a hobby, or you need industrial laser engraving to comply with industry or government regulations, the products we offer for sale are the perfect solution. Explore our website to find the machine that is right for your needs, or contact our friendly customer service staff to receive information customized to your specific needs.

Laser systems recommended for laser engraving

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