Laser Removal - The Engraving of Coatings

Laser removal

Every material that can be engraved or etched has its own special requirements for getting the best engraving or etching result. As with any other project that requires the proper tools, only the right laser etching machines and systems will give you the professional results you are looking for with a minimum of effort.

Not every laser etcher machine is alike, so it is imperative that you pick the technology that is compatible with the types of material that you use in your industrial manufacturing processes and while creating custom engraved surfaces. Custom laser etching with coated materials in particular requires different laser etching equipment than would be used for non-coated surfaces.

Coated materials can be lettered by removing the top layer with the laser. The laser beam very selectively removes the coating layer without damaging the underlying base material of a different color. This can be used, for example, with lacquer layers or foil lettering, and it can be done as points, lines, or areas. The following diagram of one of our machines that can provide laser etching services illustrates the various components and the process of the etching:

With this illustration, you can see the process of laser removal at work

1: Laser beam 2: Removed material 3: Marking 4: Coating layer 5: Work piece

Illustration for Laser removal

The Ideal Laser Etcher Machine

The same basic technology that allows for the etching of coated material is used in laser etching machines of various shapes and sizes. If you specialize in offering smaller products with custom etching, then one or more smaller and portable laser etchers may be ideal for your needs. If you regularly work with larger products and other objects, a bigger machine that can accommodate the size of what you are engraving may be necessary. Our catalog includes a wide variety of differently sized engravers and etchers that are suitable for your specific needs.

Our expert customer service staff is standing by to help you find the laser etching machine for sale that is best suited for you. Contact us today and we will provide professional help to assist you in getting the laser that will meet your requirements and help you serve your customers best.

Laser systems recommended for laser etching

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