Laser marking

Lasermarking of workpieces

Alphanumeric characters, graphics, logos, barcodes, etc. can be applied to components. Accordingly, laser lettering systems are used widely in the production of consumer goods and industrial products, in the automobile industry, machinery and plant assembly, and even for tool manufacture.

Permanent signatures are guaranteed even under the effect of vapor, oils, emulsions, and other fluids. Extensive software packages equipped with graphics-based user interfaces are used for control of the laser system. They make it possible to create texts, fill objects, insert pictures, create serial numbers, and display movements of the scanner.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Marking of different material types
  • High automation and speed
  • Force-free and contact-free processing
  • Sharp images of high quality
  • High design flexibility
  • Cost reduction

1: Scanner 2: Objective 3: Laser beam 4: Work piece 5: Marking

Laser marking

Laser systems recommended for Laser Marking

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