Laser Welding Machines

Laser Workstations From OR Laser: Perfectly Designed for Your Needs

Laser welding systems are now used in many fields to efficiently, economically, and contactlessly make high-quality joints. They result in flawless seams in metal plates, plastic components, jewelry, and even building components.

The laser welding equipment available from OR Laser meets all of these demands while flexibly permitting highly customized work. These systems are therefore ideal for virtually any manufacturing task. The professional-grade laser welding equipment presented in our catalog includes ten different systems that are tailored to meet specific industrial needs.

Laser Welding applications

Laser welding
Laser wire cladding
Laser powder cladding
Laser plastic welding

Precise, Cost-Effective Production

Achieving strong, visually flawless seams is increasingly important in many production processes. And laser welding systems from OR Laser deliver the precision and efficiency required for large-scale industrial applications. What’s more, we offer a whole range of equipment from which companies of all sizes can pick the system that best suits their requirements.

Laser Welding Systems from OR Laser

OR Laser develops both mobile and stationary laser welding systems that consistently deliver top quality, whether you work with metals or plastics. Smaller companies and those requiring mobility can opt for the EVO MOBILE, which features a compact, portable design. For midsized companies, the LRS EVO works is ideal for making smaller and intermediate-sized molds, for example. For maximum flexibility, the HTS MOBILE is a mobile solution crafted to handle anything from small to large projects.

Example for manual laser welding




No matter which OR Laser system you choose, you can count on outstanding quality. Each system presented in our catalog comes with a unique selection of specific and general-purpose functions. The compact PICCOLASER, for example, is a small, highly mobile unit that’s ideally suited for jewelers, goldsmiths, and dental technicians.

At the same time, it’s equipped with easy-to-use capabilities that are shared by many of our other meticulously engineered units: joystick control, motorized travel in X/Y/Z, high-pulse peak power, and more. For full versatility, the ROBOLASER is one of our most flexible systems. It’s a multifunctional triumph of ruggedness and precision with welding, cutting, hardening, and cladding functions.

Laser welding systems of Coherent

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