Applications for Laser Welding Technology

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Laser systems

OR Laser is your best source for a wide variety of professional laser technology, including equipment for precision laser welding and much more. Compared to conventional laser welding technology, laser beam welding offers enormous advantages and is currently being used in many different fields. The range of welding lasers extends from point or area laser beam welding to within tenths of millimeters in the dental and jewelry industries.

When welding with a laser, there are many forms and a number of possibilities. Some examples include spot, seam, and direct welding. With laser plastic welding, plastics may be welded and fixed to each other. Another popular method of laser welding is welding with a scanner, in which the piece to be processed can be positioned as desired. Each laser system makes it possible to join components of widely differing materials and combinations. The benefits are concentrated heat control, high-strength joints with high weld depth, small weld width, and low thermal stress. These processes can be automated and monitored online.


With a laser welded metalWith a laser welded metal


With this illustration, you can see the process of laser Welding at work

1: Laser beam 2: Workpiece 3: Weldseam



Laser welding


Benefits at a glance

  • Welding of different material types and thicknesses
  • Pinpoint-accuracy, precise energy input
  • Contact-free, force-free processing
  • Minimal thermal effect on materials
  • Welding of complex weld geometries
  • Shorter time required for rework
  • High automation and welding speed
  • Flexibility due to modular design of the installation
  • Quality control and documentation of the process data


Ordering Laser Welding Services and Products With OR Laser

OR Laser is proud to offer a wide variety of custom laser welding services and industrial laser systems for sale around the world. With our extensive experience in the research, development, and manufacturing of laser machines, we are guaranteed to be the ideal choice for your industrial welding needs. Our laser beam welding equipment undergoes extensive testing before it is approved to be added to our product line, so you can be sure that you’ll receive only the highest-quality machines.

Our laser welding solutions are used by a wide range of consumers, from the automotive industry to the dental field. Whether you’re looking for professional consultation services or top-quality equipment, OR Laser has the answer.


Laser systems recommended for laser welding

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