Marking lasers

Marking and engraving with flexible and computer-aided control

Maximum quality in focus

Anyone who demands efficiency and flexibility in laser marking and laser engraving can no longer afford to ignore laser technology. Whether your application involves metal, plastic, ceramics or wood, all of these materials can be successfully laser marked, with little or no limitation to the shape or content of the marking.

Applications of marking lasers

 MetalsPlasticsPaints & foilsOrganic materialsComposite materials
Annealing X        
Laser foaming   X     X
Discoloration   X X    
Engraving X X X X X
Removal X X X X X

MAG LASER Systems are pointing the way

The new MAG LASER Systems - PRO, BOX, BIG BOX, Compact and LPX - are ready-to-use complete solutions with a broad range of applications: From forming, marking, tempering and engraving as well as  the removal of branding, it offers the right solution for every process. The laser beam will never exhibit wear, meaning consistency and  high quality is guaranteed. The flexible, computer-aided control allows for full separation and clarity of each character, while encompassing the marking of moving articles, such as conveyor belts, with ease and precision.

MAG marking lasers

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