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The award-winning software solution for laser applications

The ORLAS Suite from O.R. Laser has been opening up a whole new dimension for integrated CAD/CAM environments. It is suited for virtually all facets of industrial laser processing: marking, engraving, cutting, welding, and...read more


Heading for Success with O.R. Laser: Hessische Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH

With visible satisfaction, Managing Director Markus Fischer of Hessische Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH (HWF) told us that his O.R. Laser system has been operating reliably ever since it was purchased in July 2006—between eight and...read more


Review trade Shows in Q4

In the last quarter of this year 2015, O.R. Laser made a splash at three major trade shows: Euromold, Fakuma, and Blechexpo ...read more


Review of the Maccabi Games

The 14th European Maccabi Games took place in Berlin this August. This is the first time that Berlin has hosted Europe’s largest Jewish athletic event. The significance of this choice of venue is additionally underscored by the...read more


OR Trade News

Euromold / FAKUMA / BlechExpo: OR Laser will present, among other things, the EVO Mobile Diodeline with powder feed nozzle. We will also hold live welding demonstrations with the Lasercab Diodeline and showcase an ORLAS Portal...read more


OR Laser presents: The new EVO Controller

For us, a crucial aspect of developing new devices, equipment, and systems is making sure that they are as easy to use as possible. Here, at the interface to the user, functional design and diligently crafted, intuitive operation...read more


Laser marking and laser engraving process enables high flexibility, efficiency and reproducibility of your production processes

Affordable and individual Labelling of products through laser marking and - engraving. The marking of workpieces of different type and size is a field in which the laser technology is proving itself superbly for quite a time now.read more


OR Laser is an official partner of the European Maccabi Games 2015

In just over a month, the start of the 2015 European Maccabi Games will be officially celebrated with an opening ceremony on the Waldbühne (“Forest Stage”) in Berlin’s Olympic Park. Berlin is this year’s venue for the largest...read more


Scanner-based laser processing of materials with the ORLAS STATION

In the category of enclosed stationary laser systems, the ORLAS STATION from OR Laser is the best available solution for scanner-based laser processing of materials.read more


The new dimension in marking: ORLAS PORTAL

The ORLAS PORTAL is a highly innovative and versatile enclosed laser processing station for marking, engraving, and 3D texturing.read more