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Exhibition news for Hannover Messe and Moulding Expo in Stuttgart

The organizers of the 2015 Hanover Fair weren’t the only ones to be greatly satisfied with the results of this event. So was OR Laser! Deutsche Messe AG announced that it had once again succeeded in strengthening its position...read more


OR Laser DIODELINE optimised for powder cladding

Powder cladding on a cast workpiece

Although we have not reinvented powder, with the DIODELINE we show that we understand how to use your resources cleanly, economically and efficiently and so aim at the best possible results. Laser cladding with powder additives...read more


HANNOVER MESSE 2015: OR LASER presents itself at the world's most important industry trade fair

The whole World of technology under a single umbrella. This is the slogan of this year’s HANNOVER MESSE from the 13th to April 17th 2015. And rightly so, because once again the who is who of the industrial supply chain will...read more


OR Laser is involved with the Girls' Day

[Translate to English:] Girls Day

OR Laser participates for the first time on the Girls Day and provides an insight in the professions of metal cutting mechanics, mechatronics, warehouse management and welding.read more


Trainees in Action: 3-month project - create a paperweight in dice optic

The Trainees at OR Laser have completed their 3 months-project. As a part of this a paperweight in the look of a dice was created.read more


Ready to operate everywhere KS Laserschweißtechnik uses the HTS MOBILE

The KS Laserschweißtechnik GmbH is a specialist for laser welding and polishing technology. Allthough the companies headquarter is in Kierspe in Nordrhein-Westfahlen, mobile laser welding directly at the customer is their daily...read more


Maximum flexibility with the latest CNC rotational axis

Axis of rotation: Front left view

Compatible OR Lasersystems with standard x/y/z axis can be enhanced by an optional rotating axis to a four-axis laser system. The newest generation of the CNC-rotational axis ensures even more accurycy and repeatability at the...read more


Training at OR Laser: An investment in the future

OR Laser has established itself in Dieburg not only as a research and development institute, but also as a trainer of specialists and managers. The company constantly invests in the future not only in product development, but...read more


Lettering of 3D Surfaces

Software interface of the ORLAS Suite

The increased demands in production and post-processing require the ability to process 3D surfaces contact-free. Laser lettering in particular plays an increasingly major role in the industrial environment.read more


OR Laser presents: Plastic welding system in the final test phase


With a new plastic welding system, OR Laser presents a new system type characterized by efficiency and versatility when joining plastics and automated scanner welding.read more