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Laser beam welding of plastics: Flexibility for fixed connections

Whether it is automobile manufacture, medical technology, electronics, or household goods - the use of laser technology for joining of components made of thermoplastic synthetic materials can be considered an established...read more


H. Heinz Messwiderstände GmbH welds with OR Laser

H. Heinz Meßwiderstände GmbH

The H. Heinz Messwiderstände GmbH is a specialist in temperature sensors and measuring resistors.
In addition to production in large and small series, the medium-sized, internationally active enterprise also offers...read more


Presenting: the back office of OR Laser

Mrs Coburger in the accounts payable and accounts receivable department

Perfect teamwork always consists of smooth cooperation between the front desk and the back office team. At OR Laser, the back office takes care of the internal infrastructure, management, book-keeping, and human resources in the...read more


Faster to use: Trigger control for the MAG laser system

3 different markings that can be controlled separately via a trigger input

With flexible and computer-aided control, the MAG laser system of OR Laser makes high-speed marking, engraving, and lettering of nearly all materials possible. Trigger control now offers another highlight in regard to variability...read more


Training offers the OR Laser development team a full program

At OR Laser, the hardware and software for the laser systems are developed in-house and are thus a perfect match. The developers of the laser controls and the programmers in the field of application development are always kept...read more


Presenting: the purchasing department of OR Laser

Insight into our purchasing department

In the same way as a laser beam focuses all its energy in one direction, the purchasing policy of OR Laser is focused on a single point: the production of high-quality systems that at the same time are cost-effective....read more


Enormous time savings: Programmable motorized rotary axis

Welding a helix onto a rotationally symmetrical component

The ECO laser systems HTS Mobile and ECO Laser of OR Laser offer the user completely new processing capability via the expansion option with the motorized rotary axis. With the axis control circuit board TMC from version 4.2.8...read more


New functions for EVO installations: 3-point circle extension

Definition of a circle via 3 points and the shift through a forth point (left: perspective view, right: View of the circle from above)

The EVO laser welding systems from OR Laser are characterised by high practice-oriented ease of use, where extensive software features facilitate work with the mechanical axes. The Motion PLC version 1.9.02 menu enhancement will...read more


The OR Laser sales department

Anybody deciding on a high-quality industrial commodity, such as a laser system from OR Laser, expects a high level of service and consultation before and after the purchase. OR Laser maintains partnerships with customers all...read more


Repair with laser deposition welding

Schweissung einer Welle

OR Laser always proves itself to be flexible and customer-oriented, not only as the manufacturer of high-quality laser systems, but also as a service provider. In this specific case, the bearing seat of a stirring tool was...read more