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Autoweld 5.0 increases automation and efficiency for welding

With the new Autoweld 5.0, OR Laser presents an automation program that will greatly improve productivity when welding. Automatic depositing of wire or powder shaped materials can be set up without programming work / This way, deposition rates can be increased by a factor of four to six.

The Autoweld software runs on a PC together with the laser system. An additional camera directly above the laser head provides the program with information. The workpiece to be processed is positioned on the workpiece table and appears in the camera window. A red reticle representing the position of the laser beam can be seen in the center of the camera window. 


Interesting new functions such as “Offline Design”, requiring no connection to the system, “Recently used files”, the “Undo/Redo” function and the 3D view are just some of the highlights. Autoweld can store welding programs permanently, which is especially useful for mass production. Different geometrical shapes (lines, circles, arcs) can be realized and power and speed can be set as required, as well as the optional supplying of gas or wire. Autoweld supports all EVO systems with the high-performance Lilly Controller Board (Touch Screen). 


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