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Heading for Success with O.R. Laser: Hessische Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH

With visible satisfaction, Managing Director Markus Fischer of Hessische Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH (HWF) told us that his O.R. Laser system has been operating reliably ever since it was purchased in July 2006—between eight and 10 hours a day!

Developing into a global player in tool and mold-making

Fischer had just taken the reins of his tradition-steeped company as part of a restructuring program when he decided to buy a HTS MOBILE System from O.R. Laser.

Founded in 2006, his company is a new incarnation of Johann Dutiné Formenbau und Kunststoffspritzerei OHG in the German state of Hesse. Since its launch under new management it has evolved into a globally active tool and mold making specialist.

HWF’s core competencies are the design and manufacture of injection molding, pressure die casting, and sheet metal forming tools weighing up to 20 tonnes. These products are backed by a complete range of services that include repairs and maintenance, ultrasound cleaning, sampling, and measurements.

Maintenance with the HTS MOBILE

The O.R. Laser system in question—a HTS MOBILE laser welder with 160 watts of output—is used to repair damaged molds that arrive from major automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers all over the world. HWF is proud to count them among its customers. Even companies as far away as Mexico greatly value the quality and speed of its services.

Worn and damaged workpieces are quickly repaired using laser wire cladding with top-quality results in the company’s plant in Eppertshausen south of Frankfurt.

Efficiency in the machining process

HWF’s ability to turn jobs around so quickly is mainly based on the high efficiency of laser welding. The main benefits of using a laser welding system from O.R. Laser are minimal follow-up work and avoidance of collateral damage. There is virtually no risk of deep fusion occurring in workpieces.




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