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IQ hand laser makes repair welding on site more efficient

Extreme mobility, coupled with yet more laser power - this is the concept of the new and revised iQ hand laser system. A diode-pumped fiber laser with up to 300 W average power and up to 3 kW peak power provides sufficient optical power for the most demanding of welding tasks directly on site. 

Compact, precise, and always ready: The mobile iQ hand laser unit was designed especially for smaller repairs directly at the installation site. This solution, leading to considerable time and cost savings, is known as “Inline Laser Repair”. The IQ LASER combines high technological requirements with practical operation comfort. The processing optics are located in an ergonomically shaped manual operation part, which has been processed from a heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and very light high-tech plastic. 

Whether for welding or for weld smoothing, the ideal spot size can be set variably in the head of the hand laser via a variable beam expansion. The new abilities for process observation also are high-tech. A camera integrated in the hand laser head monitors the welding process in real-time and magnifies it by a factor of 5. Thanks to the movement sensor, the user can concentrate entirely on the welding process; the camera image always remains stable and does not rotate, even when the hand laser head is rotated. 

The IQ laser has also proved itself to be innovative with regard to laser safety. The inductive sensor only releases the laser pulse when a metallic workpiece is located in the beam path and as such, is on the processing plane. The system is operated via a 10” touch screen controller. The intuitively designed control software permits the setting of all relevant laser parameters such as peak power, pulse width and frequency in continuous wave and pulse mode.


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