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Laser cutting: The cutting process scores well.

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process for panels and bodies made of a wide variety of materials, using a laser. Even complicated 3F geometries and contours can be produced precisely and quickly with laser cutting. Next to laser welding, the process is one o the best known laser applications.

Differing from the conventional processes like punching, small series and individual parts can be produced economically and cost-effective with laser cutting. CAD/CAM systems support with specifying the cross section and thus permit high material utilization. The high accuracy of the cuts is another advantage of laser cutting over other cutting procedures. With selection of a suitable laser, everything from a joint in the range of a few micrometers on medical components to a clean cut in thick sheet steel can be realized. As the work with laser cutting is contact-free and force-free, any thermal strain is caused only by the laser energy. With laser cutting, the material is heated with a laser beam until it forms a melt or evaporates. The cutting gas supplied though a nozzle pushes the melt or the material residue out of the hole being created. The hole becomes a cut by forward movement. As a rule, the created cut edges are clean and require no finishing.


Whether it is cutting, welding, or hardening, - with the Robolaser, OR Laser present a robot-controlled laser system for three different processing methods with a single laser. For this, different processing heads that can be exchanged in a few minutes are available for the Robolaser. This creates an enormous time and cost advantage for each user. At present, OR Laser develop a new installation concept with linear drives in order to optimize the process speed and accuracy still further.


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