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Laser marking and laser engraving process enables high flexibility, efficiency and reproducibility of your production processes

Laser technology has been used very successfully for years to inscribe workpieces. Laser marking and engraving are fast, flexible, and economical approaches that yield superb results on a wide range of materials.

The process of marking

The process excels with versatility, efficiency, and outstanding reproducibility. For everything from simple figures all the way to complex patterns and elaborate diagrams or pictures, it yields optimal results in a multitude of applications. Examples include product designations, information, decorative elements, etc.

Here’s how it works: a high-intensity laser beam induces heat in an object. Depending on the material and the laser’s parameters, this triggers chemical and physical processes that can include charring, annealing or vaporization. On metals, repeating the process in the same place can remove enough material to leave a visible mark.

We’re committed to enhancing the functionality of laser marking and engraving

A computer-controlled scanner is typically used to guide the laser beam over a workpiece’s surface. OR Laser has created first-rate software solutions for controlling these systems. We also offer you an array of tools and other elements for simplifying the process of inscribing 2D and 3D structures.

Pictures and photographs can be transferred to materials by inscribing gray levels or dots for screened effects.

For engraving text, both Microsoft Word® fonts and special speed-optimized laser fonts are available. Vector graphics in DXF format and 3D data sets such as STEP and IGES are supported. Another important capability of our software is the generation of QR codes and 1D and 2D barcodes such as EAN-13, Code128, and Data Matrix. In all of these cases, text and figures are replaced by machine-readable codes.

Laser processing stations from OR Laser

ORLAS PORTAL is the most versatile enclosed laser engraving station available in the marketplace. It is ideal for marking, engraving, inscribing, and 3D texturing. Large and even palletized workpieces weighing up to 1000 kg can be engraved. Many valuable features, including automatic workpiece recognition and a solid granite positioning stage, help to ensure easy and precise engraving.

The ORLAS Portal can be optionally used with the marking and engraving software of the ORLAS Suite. This is the first and only comprehensive software available on the market that is able to read literally all known file types and control the full range of laser systems.

For stationary inscribing of small to midsized workpieces, the “MAG LASER BOX” and “MAG LASER BIG BOX” versions of our MAG lasers deliver the best results, while the “MAG LASER PRO” is an attractive alternative for companies that already have a laser system. The MAG PRO laser system is very easy to integrate in existing production lines for serial production; it is suitable for workpieces of any size.

The attractively priced “MAG LASER COMPACT” is our entry-level laser marking and engraving system. This small “all-in-one” laser is simple to incorporate into any work environment.


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