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Lettering of 3D Surfaces

Software interface of the ORLAS Suite

Software interface of the ORLAS Suite

ORLAS PORTAL marking system

ORLAS PORTAL marking system

Design space of the ORLAS PORTAL system

Design space of the ORLAS PORTAL system

Application: 3D surface marking

Application: 3D surface marking

Author: Markus Wolf, OR Laser

The increased demands in production and post-processing require the ability to process 3D surfaces contact-free. Laser marking in particular plays an increasingly major role in the industrial environment. Many conventional marking systems are limited to flat 2D surfaces. Simple 3D contours or even 3D free-form elements can be processed with such systems not at all or only with difficulty.

3D surface processing with the ORLAS PORTAL system

With the ORLAS Portal OR Laser presented a system that met the requirements for such complex 3D surface processing.

The ORLAS Portal has three linear axes and two scanner axes. With these 5 axes, workpieces of 600 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm can be processed in the generous design space of the system.

The maximum possible speed of the three linear axes of the system is 1000 mm/s, with an acceleration of 1500 to 5000 mm/s2.

Additional two scanner axis increase productivity

The robust portal design permits highly dynamic positioning of the processing head.

Furthermore, a scanner with a field size of 115 x 115 mm is used for marking tasks.  The additional two scanner axes provide for not only correction of the positioning errors of the X- and the Y-axis during marking. The innovative marking-on-the-fly concept also allows continuous marking over the entire work field by complex coordination of the movement of scanner and linear axes.  The processing does not have to be stopped when the scanner assumes a new position which leads to considerable time and cost savings.

With the aid of the scanner system, max.marking speeds of 5000 to 7000 mm/s are realized.

ORLAS Suite - software for creating 3D surfaces

To create the structure to be marked on a three-dimensional surface, OR Laser presents a unique tool: the ORLAS Suite.

Such three-dimensional surfaces can be handled easily in this CAM software solution, developed especially for the high demands of laser material processing. The user loads the 3D model in IGES/STEP format or as DXF/DWG import into the software. The track on the workpiece can be specified easily by various tools. The software automatically projects the created structure according to the selected work plane onto the workpiece.

Then the 3D track is displayed to the user in a system-specific code or it is sent directly to the ORLAS Portal system.


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