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May we present: the optical production of OR Laser

First-class quality is the sum of all details. Accordingly, first-class components are the precondition for a high-quality laser system. This also includes the so-called “optical components”, which are produced in the “optical production”. OR Laser offers insight into this department.

Only a few manufacturers bear the worldwide recognized quality seal “Made in Germany” rightly. OR Laser is located in Germany and accordingly plans, develops, and manufactures all laser systems in the company’s headquarters in Dieburg. All optical components of the installation are manufactured and tested in the optical production. Thus also the resonator, the heart of the laser welding system. Accessories like the 360° swivel lenses, focusing lenses in various focal lengths, telescopic extensions, beam expanders, CCD cameras, auto-focus systems, and deflection mirrors also are manufactured here.

The technology sector laser and optics represents innovative laser beam sources. The experts at OR Laser develop beam sources with tailored spatial, time-related, and spectral characteristics. The range of the laser beam sources extends from diode lasers to fiber and solid-state lasers. Whether it is laser welding, engraving, or lettering systems, the employees create and realize new systems in the company-owned research and development departments, and they are available for their realization and trials ordered by customers. The continuous dialog between the various production departments keeps the employees always up to date. The optical production tests the newly-constructed installations and parts. The employees of the optical production are the first to operate a newly manufactured laser welding system and to calibrate it. The competent team for optical components is formed by Moritz Becher, Dominik Roskosch, Benjamin Kessler, and the trainee Simon Tribus.


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