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OR Laser DIODELINE optimised for powder cladding

Although we have not reinvented powder, with the DIODELINE we show that we understand how to use your resources cleanly, economically and efficiently and so aim at the best possible results.

Laser cladding with powder additives is the solution of the moment for the repair and/or optimisation of work pieces of all kinds, and especially for the processing of large areas. Here the base material is melted and combined with a powder through the laser beam. The result is that the surface has been improved without any pores or cracks and offers protection against corrosion or wear at the highest level of quality, depending on the properties of the material used.

Even the most demanding powder coatings can be applied with the DIODELINE

You have very tough demands? Good! Since the powder can be applied regardless of the direction with the units of our DIODELINE product family, you can also make use of the most demanding coating processes. The coaxial powder nozzle is integrated into the unit system via a quick-change system so that no additional adjustment of the powder nozzle is required. In addition to collision monitoring that has already been built in, all the required media have been adapted to the quick-change system so that changing tools is just child’s play.

The quick-change system allows you to handle smaller and simpler tasks with wire as well. Depending on the requirement, the powder nozzle can be put on again for work involving large areas and the area then coated in an automated way.

High degree of flexibility through upgrade options and software solutions

Whether individual laser pulses or a continuous laser beam – laser deposition welding with powder can be integrated seamlessly into the flexible unit concept of the DIODELINE product family of OR lasers.
In industrial applications the process is primarily used in a fully automated way with the support of CAD/CAM systems. The connection with the new CAM software solutions from OR Laser, the ORLAS Suite, now makes it possible to carry out coating even on the most complex work pieces in an automated way.

Specification of the coating process done directly at the CAD file

The optimal strategy for the coating process can be specified directly in the CAD file of the work piece. The software supports the most common current 3D CAD files such as “Step” or “Iges”. The coating of larger and also of multi-layer areas is thus made significantly simpler, since even complex components can be positioned such that they can be welded under optimum conditions. Used in connection with a rotational axis of the OR laser, work pieces that are symmetrical in rotation can also be processed without any problems.


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