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OR Laser is involved with the Girls' Day

OR Laser participates for the first time on the Girls Day and provides an insight in the professions of metal cutting mechanics, mechatronics, warehouse management and welding.

Girls Day – a future prospect for Girls

On April 23, 2015 the time has come: Companies open their doors for students of the 5th grade. The girls get to know educational occupations and courses in IT, crafts, natural sciences and technics, where women so far are only rarely represented, or they can meet their female role models in management positions from economy and politics.

On the Girl’s Day, the participants experience in laboratories, offices or workshops how exciting work can be in these fields, and are able to practice their skills. Participants receive straightforward answers on their questions and are able to make first contacts.

Investment into the future

With participation at the Girl’s Day OR LASER continues the traditional engagement in the education of skilled employees as well as management employees. OR LASER does not only invest in product development, but also in the employees of tomorrow.

The sign up for a place at OR LASER can be done via the “Girl’s Day Radar” www.girls-day.de


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