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OR Laser optimizes the control of business processes

Things that take a long time finally become good. In December 2010, the management of OR Laser, together with the department managers and administrators, started the search for a new and more efficient inventory control system. With the implementation of the new ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), the successes can now be seen.

With the aim that all of OR Laser’s process sequences of should be reflected in the new program, various inventory control systems were tested. In June 2011, the decision was made to use the APplus software of Asseco Solutions. The departmental managers from OR Laser visited Asseco in Karlsruhe and participated in three days of basic training. Together with the management at Asseco, intensive efforts were made to adapt the program to the needs of OR Laser.

On June 1st 2012, the new APplus program was launched. The time and efforts invested in this really paid off. The biggest changes can be seen in stockkeeping and in all production processes managed via the program. Quality assurance has improved greatly, and the interfaces between APplus and Solidworks, as well as the CRM distribution interface continue to be optimized further.


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