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OR Laser presents: Plastic welding system in the final test phase



Plastic welding: example of use 1

Operating unit and touch-screen-display of ORSTATION

Plastic welding: example of use 2

Round indexing table with an integrated pneumatic clamping device

Software interface ORSTATION

Example of use

Software interface ORSTATION

With the OR LASER STATION, OR Laser presents a new system type characterised by efficiency and versatility when joining plastics and automated scanner welding.

Plastic laser welding convinces by efficiency

Laser plastic welding is considerably more effective in comparison with conventional gluing or ultrasonic welding methods. A wide range of materials and material thicknesses, low thermal application onto the material, contact-free processing, high welding speed, and suitability for automation are only some of the advantages. 

A new member in the OR Laser product family

The new OR LASER STATION plastic welding system allows automated, quasi-simultaneous welding of plastics, where two highly dynamic galvo mirrors direct the laser beam accurately over the workpiece and ensure highly precise welding of the two plastic elements.

The compact dimensions of the system guarantee effortless integration into any industrial production environment. Nevertheless, the robust system is designed for continuous operation and can be used for production of small series right up to large quantities.

Round indexing table for feeding

The plastic parts to be welded are easily fed to the system via a round indexing table with an integrated pneumatic clamping device. In this way, new parts can be fed to the system even during the welding process, minimising cycle times and process costs and increases the productivity of the installation.

Intuitive operation

The OR LASER STATION plastic welding system is operated via an intuitive touchscreen display that provides access to all parameters and set data. For example, the joint contour is created precisely in the control software or is scanned in via a DXF file, and an easily visible pilot laser visualizes the welding contour on the workpiece.

Generation DIODE LINE

High energy efficiency at highest beam quality and stability - with the OR LASER STATION plastic welding system, all the advantages of the new generation of diode-pumped OR laser systems, the DIODE LINE product line, come into their own. With 260 W in cw operation and an output wavelength of 1064 nm, the system provides enough power for the most demanding welding tasks. A simple 220 V outlet is sufficient for operation - the new plastic welding system from OR Laser is then almost ready to use.


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