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OR Laser presents: The new EVO Controller

For us, a crucial aspect of developing new devices, equipment, and systems is making sure that they are as easy to use as possible.

Here, at the interface to the user, functional design and diligently crafted, intuitive operation deliver immediate and tangible benefits.

Years ago, we set a very high standard by creating our Lilly Controller Board. Equipped with a touchscreen display and intuitive user interface, this proven product ensures easy access to all of the parameters and data that are important for controlling a system.

There was no doubt in our minds that we had to improve on what was already good without sacrificing anything that had already demonstrated its value.

Consistent further development

And we can say we pride that we have accomplished this task! By creating the new Evo-Controller, we have taken yet another huge step toward perfecting how equipment is controlled.

On the outside, the Evo-Controller makes a great impression with its sleek, high-quality, sturdy aluminum housing. This device is significantly lighter, higher-quality, and even easier to use than its predecessor.

Like the Lilly Board, it is operated using three windows/pages: “laser parameters”, “pulse shapes”, and “motion”. This lets users quickly navigate between individual program items as they are accustomed. All important functions can be quickly set, and system status information can be reliably called up and clearly displayed at any time. What’s more, entered data—pulse shapes, for example—can be saved as templates and conveniently retrieved again.

Intuitive user interface

The graphics look neat, and the unit excels with a capacitive 10-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a pixel density of about 150 dpi.

The “gage controls”, as they are called, really are reminiscent of measurement instruments while also boasting a modern, familiar look. They let you intuitively take in the displayed information at a glance and easily set the system.

Intel inside

The unit also features state-of-the-art hardware: a latest-generation dual core processor from Intel and a digital HD camera (optional).

The Evo-Controller is going to debut right away in our DIODELINE and Evo lasers and in the ORLAS Station.


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