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Precise: Laser deep engraving with the MAG laser

Whether stone, metal, glass, or plastics - there is hardly a material that cannot be engraved. But how to best leave lasting impressions? Laser engraving continues to replace mechanical engraving more and more. The laser beam knows no wear, even minute corner radii of a few µm are possible.


Laser deep engraving is a special laser procedure creating markings at defined depths. After laser marking, it is the second most frequent application performed with a laser marking system. For this, the material is removed in layers with the laser. The exact depth of the engraving depends on the respective set parameters. For clean and nearly rectangular edges it is important to use several directions of removal. At first, the material is removed repeatedly with maximum power until the desired depth has been reached. Then the speed is doubled to smoothen the surface. Finally, a high frequency is selected to polish the surface and to keep the steel brighter. 



The MAG lettering laser sets signals for deep engraving. The laser beam shows no wear and tear and thus guarantees a constant high quality. The flexible, computer-aided control permits any desired individualization of the marking. Lettering of mowing workpieces, as in assembly line work, also is possible.


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