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Ready to operate everywhere KS Laserschweißtechnik uses the HTS MOBILE

llustration of an HTS Mobile Laser Systems

llustration of an HTS Mobile Laser Systems

The HTS MOBILE laser system combines flexibility and stability during welding and polishing tasks.

KS Laserschweißtechnik LTD: Specialist in laser welding and polishing technology

The KS Laserschweißtechnik GmbH, founded in 2009, is a specialist for laser welding and polishing technology and employs five employees, all with long time experience. Allthough the companies headquarter is in Kierspe in Nordrhein-Westfahlen, mobile laser welding directly at the customer is their daily business. Two HTS MOBILE from OR LASER are in permanent operation.

Broad spectrum of customers

The customers of the KS Laserschweißtechnik mainly come from the branches automotive, electronics industry and the packaging industry but also goldsmiths, opticians and watchmakers are individually advised and served.

The company welds all materials which can be processed with a laser, including for example: beryllium, copper, precious metals and light metals.

HTS Mobile in action: At the headquarters or at the customer's site

The Lasersystems HTS MOBILE 200W and 300W are in permanent operation since the founding of the company and they do not want to miss it for their daily work.

Whether it is welding in their companies headquarters or on the go, the HTS MOBILE from OR LASER with a low setup time is operation ready almost everywhere and very flexible. If customers cannot come to KS Lasertechnik GmbH they will come to the customer and will weld everything in front of the customer at his location.

Grown partnership

As long time partner OR Lasertechnology also supports KS Laserschweißtechnik GmbH with know-how.

Sample weldings and other individual customer requests are solved in coorparation with OR LASER, for example all laser welding parameters are preset by OR LASER.

The mutual exchange of contracts and support during processing peaks is further evidence of a good business partnership between KS Laserschweißtechnik GmbH and OR Laser.





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