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Scanner-based laser processing of materials with the ORLAS STATION

In the category of enclosed stationary laser systems, the ORLAS STATION from OS Laser is the best available solution for scanner-based laser processing of materials. The new ORLAS STATION lends itself to welding, marking, and engraving of plastic and metal workpieces.

ORLAS STATION - the System

The system’s generous build envelope makes it easy to process even bulky workpieces up to 800 x 800 mm in size and weighing up to 100 kg. Palletized workpieces can therefore also be inserted.

Even greater flexibility can be achieved by installing an optional rotary axis. A rotary indexing table (loadable on each side with up to 100 kg) is also available for virtually nonstop operation. It allows delay-free processing with minimal cycle times, thus additionally boosting output.

The system comes in various versions. All of them share a z-axis, now with maximum travel of 800 mm!

Thanks to scanner optics with dual movable galvanometer mirrors, the laser beam can be moved dynamically over the workpiece with high precision. The maximum scanning field depends on the focal length of the focusing lens used and can range from 110 x 110 mm to 560 x 560 mm.



Boasting a highly efficient laser source that is also used in our DIODELINE product family, the new ORLAS STATION is also excellently suited for welding plastic and metal workpieces. Peak outputs of up to 4,500 W in pulsed mode and 450 W in CW mode deliver enough power for nearly all applications of these kinds. The extremely fast displacement enabled by the scanner optics permits very high-speed processing; idle times are almost completely eliminated and nearly optimal use is made of the laser source.


ORLAS STATION – Marking and Engraving

Used in combination with a high-performance marking laser, the system is also an excellent choice for demanding marking and engraving tasks. It features a laser output of up to 50 W with top precision and is the ultimate solution for all imaginable marking and engraving work. The smallest spot width with a focused beam is 50 microns at a maximum pulse energy of 1.5 mJ.

Like all enclosed laser systems from OR Laser, the ORLAS STATION complies with the strictest safety standards. Loading and process monitoring are performed through an aperture in a laser-proof partition. The system can therefore be used in any room without the need for additional safety precautions.


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