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Successful premiere at Technology 2013 in Tel Aviv

The 22nd international fair for technological development in industry was held in the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center from June 18th to June 20th. For the first time at this fair, OR Lasertechnologie GmbH presented itself with its own stand and wide range of themes. This stand soon became a crowd puller.

At the fair, divided into four halls, OR Laser was able to attract the interest of the visitors. The two welding laser systems LRS Evo & PiccoLaser and the MAG Laser were exhibited. Directly on site, spectators were able to convince themselves of how simple and precise welding is with the laser. As such, stands, sensors, and various metals were welded in front of the visitors. 

The MAG Laser marking and engraving system was most popular. The visitors brought various samples to have them engraved on site. These included electronic components, tools, screw clamps, cartridge magazines and even electronics for daily use, such as tablet PCs, mobile telephones and digital cameras.
The size and type of the lettering covered a range from less than 0.5 mm (on the faces of gears, aluminum sheets and paper clips) through to logos and images in the size of a business card. 

After being open for 30 hours, the fair closed with a consistent positive result for OR Laser. The presence at Technology 2013 in Tel Aviv will strengthen the position of the company in the Israeli market considerably. Furthermore, a visit to the Holy Land is an unforgettable event and as such, always worthwhile. 


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